Here are a few examples of clients, who I have been privileged to work with, are saying about their coaching experience with me.

“Stephanie has guided me through the first months of a challenging new job. She was able to listen to my needs, point to issues that I was not even aware of experiencing and guide me through finding my own solutions. As a European in New York, she understands well both worlds and can coach very transnational and mobile decision-makers“
Alessandro Valera, Director Ashoka Italy

“I am impressed with Stephanie, her focus, her relatedness, and sensitivities.”
Karen Metzger, LCSW – Faculty at IcoachNewYork – Co-author of “Becoming an Exceptional Executive Coach”

“Stephanie coached me last fall in the context of a partnership between the organization I work for – Ashoka – and iCoach. She was matched with me for 6 sessions to help me progress at the professional level. I had mixed feelings about coaching before – due to unsuccessful experiences in the past – but Stephanie was truly exceptional. She quickly understood how to respond to my personality and needs and asked the rights questions. In addition, she guided me through a thought process that made me ‘action’ some particular projects which were really important to plan my future at Ashoka. In only six 1h sessions, she helped me prioritize, solve some team challenges and carve the way to a promotion within the organization.”
Caroline Guyo, Ashoka Globalizer Singapore

“Stephanie is a wonderful intuitive coach with excellent listening skills and an unlimited supply of helpful suggestions. In our sessions, she has an incredible ability to seamlessly steer the conversation towards the root of the issue that I am facing. Once there she develops my own self-awareness and helps me clarify possible causes and solutions. We then work together to refine these solutions and break them out into tangible steps that I can start implementing right away. The result is a powerful path forward for me that has helped me focus more clearly on the goals and reduce the barriers I put up for myself along the way.”
David Lipsky, Ph.D. – Head Coach Samsung Electronica America

“Stephanie is an effective and empathetic executive coach. In just 6 executive coaching sessions, she equipped me with the frameworks, insights, and courage to tackle my professional obstacles. This included learning how to build trust among my team, to prioritize and communicate my needs, and to understand and control my emotional triggers. Thanks to Stephanie, I was able to transform what would have been a difficult, lonely, and confusing career transition into a thoughtful leadership development opportunity.”
Yeseul Kim, Vice President, Strategy & Operations at Kendall Square Association – MIT

“I have known Stephanie for 15 years and I always very much enjoyed her advise and recommendation about any work situation I have to face or I am challenged with. She is a strong listener and thanks to her very specific approach and mindset, she has this great ability to expand my mind, emotions and in the end my performance. She has an amazing capacity to understand people’s personality and how to give them what they need. Thanks to her coaching advice in that area, she has enabled me to build trust, respect and long-lasting relationships with my peers and management.”
Magali Thomas, Chanel

“Stephanie was engaged by Rabobank to do an Executive Coaching assignment with one of our key professionals. Throughout the engagement, I found Stephanie to be insightful, results-oriented, conscientious and professional. The stakeholders involved with this engagement were all very pleased with her work.”
Geralyn Cappelli, Executive VP Head of HR North America of Rabobank

“Whether you’re looking for a job or prospecting companies to provide services as a contractor, I highly recommend hiring Stephanie. Her abilities allow you to go through each step knowing exactly how to handle interactions and moving forward with the best possible outcomes.”
Tatiana Kligerman, Senior Leader, UX Strategy and Design


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