Executive Coaching.

I like to think of Executive Coaching as an opportunity to bring awareness to potential areas of development, uniquely tailored for a professional in the workplace.

Executives who work with me are looking to improve their overall effectiveness. Since executive coaching is a totally transparent process within the organization and engaged via the Human Resources department, there are many valuable yet confidential sources of information that will help us get results to initiate some changes. All conversations with the individual executive are kept confidential even though many stakeholders are included as sources of information.

All data serves to draft an action plan for the individual executive .

Typical engagements are for 6 months. The process usually includes 360 interviews with informational interviews. It may include personality or self-report assessments. Meetings take place at the client’s office, in a private space or a conference room.

I work with all kinds of international companies in a variety of business sectors. I conduct coaching sessions in English and also French. I strongly believe that great innovators integrate ideas from fields other than their own.

The ultimate goal is to bring a fresh lens to my clients and empower them to look at their work situation from different perspectives — and then help them to take action.

Coaching is a work of art that is delivered through a very rigorous process.


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